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Auto Detailing 

Package Services
A La Carte Services
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Package Services

All packages start with a COMPLETE EXTERIOR HAND WASH:

Exterior is carefully hand washed, blown dry, then hand dried. Vacuum upholstery and carpets. Windows are cleaned inside and out. Tires, wheels, and fender wheels are thoroughly cleaned. Tires are dressed.

Express Wax

R $99,  SSUV $109,  LSUV $119,  F $125,  XL**

A coat of conditioning wax to protect paint and revitalize shine.

Express Detail

R $129,  SSUV $139, LSUV $144,  F $149,  XL**

Our Express Wax PLUS a thorough clean of dash, center console and doors, followed by a protective coat to protect from dust and sun damage

Clay Service + Express Wax

R $195,  SSUV $205,  LSUV $215,  F $225,  XL**

Special Clay bar is rubbed over the painted surface to remove road grime, fallout, bug residue and tree sap, leaving paint smooth as glass. Followed by a protective coat of Wax to protect paint and revitalize shine.

Clay Service + Polish & Wax

R $325,  SSUV $355,  LSUV $395,  F $425,  XL**

Clay service followed by two complete coats of polish. Polish delivers a deep clean that clarifies and restores paint adding optical clarity and leaving a showroom finish. We complete with a coat of protective wax.

Clay Bar + Paint Sealant

R 595,  SSUV $625, LSUV $675,  F $725,  XL**

Sealant picks up where your new car paint left off, delivering a durable protective coating that leave a silky, smooth, shine and durable layer of paint protection.

Interior Detail, Upholstery, Carpet Deep Clean

R 305, SSUV $325,  LSUV $375, F $395, XL**

The following interior panels are cleaned, dusted and conditioned: instrument panel, dashboard, vents, sun visors, steering wheel/column, center console and door panels. Stains are spot treated.

Younik Elite Detail

R $495, SSUV $525,  LSUV 575,  F $625,  XL**

The ultimate in showroom quality finish: Clay + Polish + Wax + interior Detail + Upholstery a Carpet Deep Clean.

Ceramic Coating


A La Carte Services

Leather Conditioning

$ 125 & UP

Upholstery Deep Clean

$ 175 & UP

Complete Interior Protection

$ 75 & UP

Interior Repair Service

Email or Call for a Quote

Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

$ 175 & UP

Carpet And Floor Mats Deep Clean

$ 125 & UP

Headlight Restoration

$ 85 & UP

Bumper Repair Service

Email or Call for a Quote

Special Services

Motorcycle & RVs: Request a quote

Water Spot Removal or Overspray Removal: Request a quote

Paint Restoration: Request a quote

**Extra Large Vehicles and/or Vehicles that have excess grime/dirt please request a quote.

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